The Shadow Merger Prints evolved from a very large body of work called the Shadow Series Drawings. They are shadow-like abstractions of the mysterious dance between the natural world, including our bodies, and the things and spaces created by humans.

The drawings are done spontaneously, yet are connected to a larger ongoing process. It has been in progress for about twenty years. Over time, the form of the drawings developed into a particular style. Each one is unique, yet they are all of the same visual language.

The Shadow Merger Prints start as photographs of the Shadow Series Drawings. After extracting the shapes of the line drawings as templates, they are filled with photos of natural surfaces like rock, water, beach sand, plants, etc. These are my raw materials. Multiple layers are manipulated and merged to create colors and textures for the shapes and their backgrounds. The ability to control all aspects of the photos and layer them together in the digital domain is a process that I find very much like painting.

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