The images in this portfolio are from OM An Indian Tale of Good and Evil produced by BoxTales Theatre Company. The show was based on The Ramayana. It played at the Lobero Theater in Santa Barbara, California in the fall of 2009. Except for the last two images, the photos in this portfolio are by Gigi Miller. They are included in my web site for documentation purposes only.

As the production designer, prop and mask maker for the show, I drew inspiration from the popular Indian religious posters of Rama, Sita, and Hanuman, with their brilliant candy colors and opulent attire. My approach was very bold and sculptural. I wanted the costumes and objects to read well visually off stage. The ornateness of the costumes as seen in the posters would not. The mask and costume for the Ravana character (with the green face) was based on the ancient Kathakali Dance Theater from the state of Kerala in southern India. They use face paint, crowns and prosthetic beards for their characters. My challenge was to create the same effect for Ravana in one piece with a mask and beard attached to a crown. 

Kira Jones was the costumer. She worked hand-in-hand with me to turn my drawings into costumes and added many wonderful creative ideas of her own. Her contribution was invaluable! 

Many thanks to BoxTales for the opportunity to work on this show! It was a tremendous thrill to see my work come alive on stage!

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