After an extended hiatus I returned to painting in 2021 making new works on wood panel in acrylic with a lot of layers and excavation. My previous work was all in oil on canvas or paper. It often contained conical forms which are very powerful symbols for me. Their downward point being a metaphor for our bodies swirling with energy while moving through life balanced on tiny feet. When up they're like the sacred mountain or a gesture towards other dimensions.

Wave Journey Cherry Cherry ICON   Kitchen Dance Shadow Dance The Space Between Jest In Time So Many Ways Amor De Carlos The ClearingThrough The DoorEngulfedCoin Operated FragmentationFive Reasons For DancingSix To OneTwin FlameFly Away HomeTriptych 1Triptych 2Triptych 3Diptych 1Homage To CezanneVortex SIn RelationCone FusionPink RectangleThree ConesCone 2Cone 1Cone 3Cone 4Cone 5Cone 6Cone 7RiseTesting The VoidWalker