Since ancient times, people have created masks that bridge the inner and outer worlds in a uniquely powerful way. They are both works of art and tools for transformation. From a very young age, I have nurtured a passion for mask making. Many cultures have inspired and influenced this work, but I never directly copy or reference another piece. My masks are always original. I make them to be worn for various functions, sometimes on the body but most often on the face.

Alejandra wearing Humming Bird Head DressHummincg Bird Head dressBird for SteinBirdJatayuHawk Head Goat HeadPoodle From HellTwisted FaceIsam BawaSpirit Of The DualitiesDualities RustedShamanic Dancing with ShamanicSingerSinger DetailWhite Dia De Los MuertosDia De Los Muertos diplayGreen skullGold MaskFolk and Craft Museum LA MusiciansFather Mother childTimo's Face Film MaskRavanaMonkeysMonkeys on StageMonster MasksMe with Giant Mask