The Shadow Drawings began a long time ago as a habitual spontaneous line drawing process. I have culled a few here from the many hundreds. They are like shadows of shapes  representing the dynamic interaction between the natural world and the man made world in which we live. That dynamic has translated into sculpture as well but here are some versions of the drawings from simple to very complex.  Shadow Comp. Layer Style Rock ShadowShadow Line DrawingCitron ShadowShadow Comp Flat ColorsShadow GroupShadow GroupShadow GroupShadow Group VerticalShadow Comp. Carpet Style 2Shadow comp. Carpet Style 3Shadow Comp Carpet Style 1FlameAll SeaTesting For SkyShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadowShadow