The Goddess Works Project is about honoring, revealing, and responding to the beauty, power, magic, and mystery of the divine feminine. With this work I hope to bring a greater quality of grace to our ways of imagining images of women.

As with much of my photographic work, there is often a blending of the process with something that is created or applied by hand. I never preconceive what will happen. The process is always a response to what the model brings to the equation.

Amber Sleep Amber Crouched Amber Valley of FireAmber Holes Amber Prone Hell Roaring Vibration Amber And The Void   Bark Ball With Amber  Annika Arm Center    Annika Arm Center Bent  Annika Blue Group   Annika Drift   Annika Red Wave   Annika Hide Out Red Vein   Annika Times Four Monarch Magic   Annika Twist   Arroyo Stand   Alejandra In The Ancient Oaks   Alejandra Head Back With Gulls    Alejandra With Roses And Animal Spirits   Alejandra In A Rose  Alejandra And Succulent  Alejandra And Sphere   Alejandra Valencia    Alejandra Fly   Alejandra Big Dune   Becca Marsh   Psychedelic Goddess    Becca And ADC Rock   Mikayla With Clouds And Drift Wood    Mikayla With Sand Multi     Mikayala With Stone   Lidia With Tree  Lidia With Tubes   Tracy Face Close  Tracy Face  Tracy Birds Water Clouds Tree     Tracy Cosmos  Tracy Standing With Rocks    Tracy Standing    Tracy Early Goddess   Angelica ProfileAngelica Walking The Log    Angelica Head Covered    Angelica Facing North      Angelica Run  Angelica Wings    Ghost Stairs   Angelica CrouchedAngelica Flight