To see Videos of my music and World Wind go to my YouTube Channel-Timo Beckwith Youtube. You can hear some of my work on SoundCloud at World Wind and on Spotify as well at Timo Beckwith Spotify. Or hear samples from my albums at  Timo Solo, Calinambe, and Human-Human. Although this web site is primarily about visual art, I would be remiss not to include something about my music. The scope of it is nearly equal to that of my visual work. I've performed widely on the West Coast and recorded three albums. See hyper links above. I make very exotic original World Fusion music, which draws upon influences from all over the globe.

I built the Gourd Ennanga (seen in the first image) to replicate the string pattern of the Ugandan Ennanga. You can hear the Gourd Ennanga best on Track 9 in the album Timo Solo. You can also hear the original Ugandan Ennanga on SoundCloud. Play Ennanga and Penny Whistle 

In the second image, you can see some of the other instruments I play. The Ugandan Ennanga is in the lower right. It's in the classification of instruments called Bow Harps. It's design goes back 2000 years. I've only had mine since 1979.

I also sing in a trance language that comes from a very deep atavistic place within me. I don't make it up. It's simply available. I surrender and allow it to emerge.

Currently I'm performing solo and in two groups: Sueños de Tortuga with David Bergeaud and World Wind, with Ryan Herr, Tyson Leonard, Jesse Hendricks, Viking Welch and David Bergeaud.